Shiver me timbers - it's Ludum Dare 40! There may have been many game jams before this, but today is our virgin voyage!

Take command of a dread pirate's ship and collect as much booty as ye can! But beware you salty seadogs, too much gold will weigh your vessel down which may have disastrous consequences! But it doesn't stop there, stockpiling munitions and having too many crew members will also dampen your abilities. Maybe you can afford to jettison some of those crew members... Can you get the high score (in play testing ours was 18!) and become a famous buccaneer? Or will you sleep with the fishes... Good luck.


UP / W - Accelerate

LEFT, RIGHT / A, D - Steer

LEFT CONTROL, SPACE - Fire (Port, Broadside) 

Install instructions

Download the zip, extract all files, then run dead_weight.exe


Download 27 MB

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